• Custom log cabin built in Arkansas
  • Rustic kitchen in a log cabin with all the amenities
  • Beautiful, two story, Arkansas log cabin
  • Primitive, cedar staircase in cabin construction
  • Cedar dining room of an Arkansas Ozarks log cabin
  • Living room with fireplace built by Red River Log Cabins of Arkansas
"Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth."
– Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Our Pine & Cedar Mill

Log Cabin Pine & Cedar Mill in Independence County ArkansasTo make sure your log home is as lovely, cozy and sturdy as you imagined, you need a high quality mill. Red River Log Cabins has built a mill and a team that produces cedar, log home products. Combined with our experience in construction, we understand the importance of each and every board we mill. Our materials are standard for the log home building industry but uniquely milled from the best local lumber.

We're as down-to-earth as our products, so manufacturing in our own mill allows us to minimize the cost of building as well as provide an affordable resource for other construction firms on both local and national levels. Even if you have another builder or are building yourself, the following products are available for purchase from our mill:


The best system for creating the rustic curvature of a log home with smooth, flat interior walls is through the use of D-logs. Strong and easy to assemble, D-logs join together to prevent leaking, dust build up and the settling of a traditional log home.

Tongue & Groove

Full of rich texture, tongue and groove boards fit together to create a smooth, yet slightly ribbed siding.


From top to bottom, we make sure your home has character. Choose from various sizes of cedar, V-grooved and tongue and groove flooring options.

Deck Boards

With various sizes (width-wise) of cedar deck boards, it's easy to create the look you imagine for your home.

Batten Board

Available in an 8-inch cedar board, the vertical pattern of batten boards allows you to create unique designs for your log home and reflect your personal style.


For many other long-lasting (and sweet-smelling) projects, we offer a variety of cedar board sizes from our mill.